I am not an overly emotional person. I never cry in public, I am not very comfortable with outwards displays of affection, and I’d rather make an inappropriate joke about something than discuss it. Most of all, pithy cliches about life and love usually piss me off. Royally.

But then I received a cancer diagnosis. Not just a cancer diagnosis–a stage IV cancer diagnosis. And not just a stage IV cancer diagnosis–an incurable stage IV cancer diagnosis. So those previously aggravating platitudes were beginning to sound…less platitudey. Enjoy every moment. Do what you love. Cherish these years when your children are young. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep calm and carry on. Barf. These sayings normally make my eyeballs roll so hard I can see my brain. But I hear them differently now.

Find the silver linings. This is the biggie. When you are handed news like incurable cancer with a laughable prognosis, what else can you do? Finding silver linings was an automatic response, a self-preservation mechanism. Can’t go to the dentist while on chemo? Awesome!! An excuse to get back in touch with people I love? Great!! Spend more time with kids? Of course!! Finally hire a house cleaner? Thank the gods!! My whole attitude changed over the course of that 60 minute appointment with the oncologist. I will cherish every moment, do what I love, not sweat the small stuff, enjoy these years when my kids are young. I will even keep calm and carry on.

I plan to record and process my experiences here, on this blog. Join me on this adventure, and feel free to give me a nice, solid slap if I get too insufferably saccharine.

Let’s kick cancer’s ass, y’all, even its silver linings.